I’m pro-life. Here’s what I wrote when Roe v. Wade was on the chopping block.

Ashley Herzog
3 min readApr 4
I showed my pro-life commitment by distributing Narcan.

I’m pro-life. I lived that today by spending the day as a volunteer distributing Narcan kits in Lorain County. Despite more awareness, overdoses are as high as ever in this area. The health worker who organized us warned that we might get some people trying to debate us on whether we should really be trying to save the lives of drug addicts. I was just waiting for someone with a pro-life bumper sticker or yard sign to do that, especially today. The people dying of overdoses were fetuses once, many of them fairly recently. Some are even carrying innocent unborn lives when they overdose. I can name a few. These people had heartbeats too.

I’m pro-life. The women who seek out my advice in private know this. If someone told me she was thinking about abortion because “I just can’t do it,” I would point out that she is an educated woman with a salaried job who can do this — if you could get through a four-year college, you are smart enough to make bottles and call the pediatrician. The problem is usually the guy, the family, or someone else who is upset this is a big disruption for them and is therefore having a meltdown. The women who ask my opinion tend to feel this, or they wouldn’t have asked me. There are plenty of other people who would say: “do the right thing for your future!” One of my friends who was two years younger called me when Catherine was 5 months old, pregnant again by the same longtime boyfriend who’d pressured her into “doing the right thing” once already — so he clearly had no intention of doing the right thing by being more careful where he deposits his DNA. After I assured her kids are not expensive and that i was doing just fine raising mine in an apartment in Reynolds Corners in Toledo, she dumped the guy and kept the baby.

That said, anytime one of these assholes from the Ohio GOP robocalls my phone, I hang up immediately. But they’re still trying to pass the same “heartbeat” bill they were passing while I was…

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